WORDS OF A MUTE GIRL: A true compelling story about my struggle with Selective Mutism and my victory overcoming it

This biographical guide is a valuable tool which has proven to have successfully paved the way to overcoming the debilitating disorder of Selective Mutism. The author shares very intimate experiences about her journey— the negative roadblocks, symptoms and characteristics of SM, and the techniques she implemented in order to overcome the paralyzing silence. She passionately shares the story of how her faith and identity in Christ offered her hope in the most terrifying circumstances, and how applying basic timeless biblical principles can totally revolutionize your perspective on anxiety to progress day by day.

Selective Mutism In Our Own Words: Experiences in Childhood and Adulthood

Exploring all aspects of SM, from symptoms and diagnostic criteria, to triggers and the consequences of being psychologically unable to speak, the stories in this book dispel the myths around this often misunderstood condition. Far from refusing to talk, or choosing not to, the contributors offer genuine insights into why they simply cannot speak in certain situations or in front of certain people. Children, teens and adults from the UK and US share experiences of feeling isolated, struggling at school, and finding ways to communicate. Letting people with SM know that they are not alone with the condition, the book will also help family, friends and professionals to understand what it is like to live with SM.