Helping Your Child with Selective Mutism

This book is the first available for parents of children with selective mutism. It offers a broad overview of the condition and reviews the diagnostic criteria for the disorder. The book details a plan you can use to coordinate professional treatment of your child’s disorder. It also explains the steps you can take on your own to encourage your child to speak comfortably in school and in his or her peer group. All of the book’s strategies employ a gradual, “stepladder” approach. The techniques gently encourage children to speak more, while at the same time helping them feel safe and supported.

Understanding Selective Mutism: A Beginner’s Guide

This book is a 30 page, clear and concise introduction to selective mutism; it is an excellent tool for parents to lend to family members and school staff to help them to gain an understanding of selective mutism in a short amount of time. There are often misconceptions surrounding this condition; the aim of this book is to provide the reader an understanding of what children with selective mutism are experiencing. This book covers an overview of selective mutism: what selective mutism is and is not, the diagnostic criteria, what causes selective mutism, how to interact with a child with selective mutism and an overview of the treatment methods. Lucy Nathanson is a child therapist and founder of Lucy is passionate about helping children with selective mutism. She works directly with children and makes YouTube videos with the aim of spreading awareness of selective mutism. On an international level, Lucy speaks at conferences and provides support and guidance to parents and professionals.

The Selective Mutism Resource Manual

For anyone who needs to understand, assess or manage selective mutism, this is a comprehensive and practical manual that is grounded in behavioural psychology and anxiety management and draws on relevant research findings as well as the authors’ extensive clinical experience.

The Selective Mutism Treatment Guide: Manuals for Parents Teachers and Therapists. Second Edition: Still waters run deep

The Selective Mutism Treatment Guide: Manuals for Parents, Teachers, and Therapists, second edition has arrived! It is double the size of the first edition and it includes new sections on treating older children and teens, the use of technology in treating SM with a list of useful apps, raising a shy child, treating SM in the clinic setting, and much more. It includes beautiful and inspiring case studies of children and teens overcoming SM using this approach.

Selective Mutism: An Assessment and Intervention Guide for Therapists, Educators & Parents

Selective Mutism: A Guide for Therapists, Educators, and Parents provides an effective, research-based behavioral intervention plan for the successful treatment of Selective Mutism. Based on years of clinical experience and expertise, author Dr. Aimee Kotrba provides not only assessment and treatment information, but also case examples, easy-to-implement workbook sheets, and informative handouts. Dr. Kotrba is an advocate of team treatment – parents, schools, and mental health professionals working together to intervene with selective mutism — and this book provides intervention strategies for all team members, as well as a comprehensive treatment plan that can be individualized to any child. The techniques included emphasize a gradual, stepwise approach to increased speech, as well as fun and engaging activities that can be used at each step of treatment. Tips for engaging and motivating children and teens are included to improve treatment outcomes.

Overcoming Selective Mutism: The Parent’s Field Guide

Overcoming Selective Mutism is a comprehensive guidebook offering parents the knowledge and guidance they need to move their child beyond silence. The authors offer a creative and motivating Journey theme to introduce tools that help parents and children plan and conquer some of the most common challenges associated with selective mutism. Parents can be important advocates and skillful interventionists, helping children to become brave and confident speakers and reach the top of Peers Peak, School Summit and Community Crest! Drawing from their respective experiences as a clinician who has treated hundreds of children with selective mutism and a parent of a child with selective mutism, authors Dr. Aimee Kotrba and Shari J. Saffer provide clear strategies to increase speaking and reduce anxiety. Plan your child’s journey to confidence with: Research-based intervention tools and expert step-by-step guidance Practical skills to help your child increase speech with peers, adults and educators Easy-to-understand handouts and cheat sheets for teachers, caregivers and schools Colorful worksheets, planning pages for adults, and activities for children to practice bravery in speaking.