The Mean Girl That Never Speaks (The Mya Dove Case Files)

There’s a new girl at school. Rumor has it she doesn’t speak, doesn’t smile much, and doesn’t play with others. That means she’s mean, right? Maybe not! Mya is hired to solve the case and discovers the reason for the new girl’s behavior and learns about her own actions toward others as well.

Mute Dog

Follow Oreo on his journey as he starts puppy school. Here, he will learn that everyone is scared of something, and practice is the key to overcoming your fears. Written by 8-year-old twin girls who suffer from social anxiety and selective mutism, this story explores the physical and emotional feelings that can be experienced with … Read more

Mary-Ellen O’Keefe’s Word-Speaking Diet

Mary-Ellen O’Keefe is a smart and happy little girl who loves to talk, sing, ask questions, and generally speak her mind. That is, until her first day of school where the unfamiliarity of a new and different environment makes her nervous and shy and causes her to go on an unexpected and very unusual “Word-Speaking … Read more

Willow’s Words

Willow’s Words is the story of a girl who found her voice through dance, and how everyone around her learned to listen.

Charli’s Choices

Charli’s Choices is a beneficial, interactive children’s book for educators, children, and parents that offers valuable insight into selective mutism. A little girl’s mother teaches her during a play date, through specific questions, how to communicate successfully with her friend.

Willow’s Whispers

When Willow speaks, her words slip out as soft and shy as a secret. At school, her barely audible whisper causes her no end of troubles. But Willow is as resourceful as she is quiet, and she fashions a magic microphone from items she finds in the recycling bin. But Willow’s clever invention is only … Read more

Mason is Learning to Roar

Mason is a young lion with Selective Mutism. With support from his parents and teachers, Mason slowly learns to overcome his anxiety in the classroom. This book also emphasizes that treating Selective Mutism requires patience and understanding since progress and behavioral change is slow. However, each small gain should be celebrated.

Why Doesn’t Alice Talk at School

Why doesn’t Alice talk at school is a beautifully illustrated book that can be read to peers to help them to understand selective mutism. This book explains important messages which will help to create a supportive class environment for the child with selective mutism.