Overcoming Selective Mutism: The Parent’s Field Guide

Overcoming Selective Mutism is a comprehensive guidebook offering parents the knowledge and guidance they need to move their child beyond silence. The authors offer a creative and motivating Journey theme to introduce tools that help parents and children plan and conquer some of the most common challenges associated with selective mutism. Parents can be important advocates and skillful interventionists, helping children to become brave and confident speakers and reach the top of Peers Peak, School Summit and Community Crest! Drawing from their respective experiences as a clinician who has treated hundreds of children with selective mutism and a parent of a child with selective mutism, authors Dr. Aimee Kotrba and Shari J. Saffer provide clear strategies to increase speaking and reduce anxiety. Plan your child’s journey to confidence with: Research-based intervention tools and expert step-by-step guidance Practical skills to help your child increase speech with peers, adults and educators Easy-to-understand handouts and cheat sheets for teachers, caregivers and schools Colorful worksheets, planning pages for adults, and activities for children to practice bravery in speaking.

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