Testimonial 8

“Joleen has been a blessing in my son’s life. She was the perfect piece to Jay’s team of therapists. My son looks forward to his time with her every week. Joleen is nothing short of amazing.”  – Amanda Rogers, mother of a son with Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Testimonial 7

“Joleen is one of a kind, AMAZING! My daughter has SM and I was very leery of taking her to a therapist thinking it might exacerbate her anxiety. I thought we knew how to treat her SM but after 1.5 years of effort she was not progressing as we thought she should. We met with […]

Testimonial 6

“What an amazing therapist! Whether you are a colleague, a parent, a patient, or just have questions, Joleen is always a joy to talk to and learn from. Her office is warm, inviting and always clean. And I was lucky enough to have met her beautiful family. Highly recommend!” – Jason Rhodes

Testimonial 5

“Joleen is wonderful with our six year old son. She has been working with him weekly and we have seen tremendous growth. In addition to speech and language needs, our son has sensory processing disorder. It is such a breath of fresh air to work with a therapist that has experience with special needs children. […]

Testimonial 4

“We are pleased with the attention and service that the Selective Mutism Team has provided.  They responded to our requests for help with a student fast and scheduled appointments quickly.  The inservice that our staff was given was both informative and useful. Our staff is happy to see that our student is showing progress.” – […]

Testimonial 3

Let me introduce you to my daughter, Katie.  She is a loving, energetic 10 year old girl with an infectious smile, big blue eyes, and the longest eyelashes you’ve ever seen!  At first glance, she seems like a typical child who is happy all the time.  No one would ever guess that underneath her bright […]

Testimonial 2

“What a fantastic resource. We had so much trouble finding a provider in Massachusetts with Selective Mutism experience who would take insurance. Having access to such a knowledgeable staff (especially Joleen who was our contact person and is amazing) and being provided with such a thorough evaluation was like a Godsend to us. The evaluation […]

Testimonial 1

We wanted our staff to be as comfortable and knowledgeable as possible in handling the social and communicative needs of the incoming students [with Selective Mutism].  Joleen Fernald, was recommended to us by a parent who had heard her speak.  Thus, on a warm September day, our library was
filled with teachers, special education staff, paraprofessionals,
administrators, kitchen […]